The simple way to passive income in a complex market

Posted on June 27, 2019
Simple way to passive income

The last couple of years have been a wild ride for both active crypto investors and advocates of holding on for dear life (HODL). Taking the example of Bitcoin over the last two years, highs of nearly USD20,000/BTC1 in December 2017 were followed by a 75% drop during 2018, before the market reached a low of less than USD4,000/BTC1 in February. The recent recovery has been very welcome, but it's undoubtedly been a challenging time.

Volatility and the investment portfolio

When aiming to achieve a balanced investment portfolio, anything with as much volatility as crypto has experienced should only make up a small percentage of the portfolio mix, or be avoided altogether. Too high octane. Too much adrenaline. Most investors simply want consistent, stable returns.

Despite the volatility, there has been incredible upsides which has fueled much of the speculative capital to enter this market and ride the crypto wake. Some investors have had luck, but the reality is that many bought at the top and have suffered from the intense fluctuations in crypto prices.

For the more conservative investor, INDX has developed a way to leverage the fast-growing crypto money markets while managing the price risk that comes with the highs and lows of digital assets.

Masternodes are an increasingly important part of blockchain infrastructure. Technically, they are tier-two bonded validators that provide network services and verify blockchain transactions.

Put more simply, Masternodes can be viewed as the next generation of mining, improving on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism used by Bitcoin. Masternodes use a staking method similar to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to verify transactions, perform functions for the network and provide enhanced security. They do not require powerful computers that consume high levels of electricity, so their operational costs and environmental impact are considerably lower. Instead they earn rewards simply by acting as the consensus measure to validate transactions on blockchain protocols.

What does INDX do?

Even when an investor has an appetite for exposure to the crypto market, the challenge is how to do it. Barriers to entry can be complicated, time consuming and risky.

INDX offers a solution to make investing in Masternodes simple. A risk-based approach with institutional quality portfolio hedging strategies to profit from the steady rewards earned by Masternodes constantly validating new tokens that are mined.

We have developed an algorithm that assesses the performance of all active Masternodes while it selects a basket of outperforming ones verified by a panel of traditional financial services and crypto experts. We then invest in the selected Masternodes and collect the rewards.

To earn a return on investment or yield from the basket of Masternodes, investors simply need to own an INDX token and will automatically receive a quarterly payout based on the fund's performance. INDX expects a 44% return on investment from the INDX Masternode fund.

INDX provides direct investment access to the crypto space, using the power of the blockchain to simplify the process and reduce the time it takes to generate passive income. Owning the INDX token is a superb opportunity to learn about this growing digital asset class without exposing a portfolio to the calamitous swings that have plagued the space over the last two years.

As Warren Buffett once said; "Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source." The INDX token public token sale is approaching on July 1, 2019. Learn how to be one of the first investors.

INDX is making it simple to invest in the masternode sector. We want to ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy by reducing uncertainty, risk, energy consumption and wasted time.
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