The INDX Dashboard at a Glance

Posted on July 2, 2019
INDX Dashboard

The INDX dashboard is the nerve centre for our investors by aggregating information about the fund, the token and most importantly their investment. The dashboard gives investors a great combination of crucial information presented in a simple way, with advanced options to delve into micro detailed analytics. In this article, we demonstrate the tools available to our investors when they log into their INDX dashboard to see how it works and how they can keep up-to-date about their investment, 24/7.

Dashboard Overview

In the dashboard, you will find key information regarding the fund and its performance. metrics including the current INDX Net Asset Value (NAV), the number of masternodes that make up the portfolio and most importantly, each investor's accrued dividend value. Ultimate transparency gives investors piece of mind to track their investment performance quickly and easily.

INDX Dashboard

Beyond the Basics

Looking beyond the homepage, additional information is available throughout the dashboard, including the INDX token spot price, the fund's overall performance, a breakdown of recent activity and an impressive feed of the performance of each masternode currently held within INDX's portfolio mix.

Amongst all the key facts and figures available through the dashboard, we realise that most investors care about one thing: what is their investment worth?To find this, simply navigate to the 'My Holdings' and 'My Dividends' tabs for a more comprehensive breakdown of your investment, dividends, payout options and more. Your personalised INDX dashboard makes it easy stay on top of your investment without overwhelming you with an overabundance of data.

INDX Dashboard

Dividend Payouts

When it is time for quarterly dividend payouts, INDX facilitates a quick and efficient process allows us to be! While our masternodes are busy churning out crypto earnings, we're settling those earnings on a weekly basis to BTC, and subsequently to a stablecoin to mitigate market risk up until the dividend distribution. To receive your dividend payout, you will be presented with several cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and USDC or USDT. In the future, we expect to offer fiat payouts in USD, EUR & GBP.

After receiving your crypto dividend, you may send your crypto to your offramp of choice, such as Coinbase, and either hold or settle back to fiat currency via your wallet. You may also reinvest and purchase additional INDX tokens! Payouts are made on a quarterly basis, with your chosen payout method locked in a week before the date. A smart contract does the rest and have your dividend.

Dividend Payout Schedule

Platform for Greatness

The engine which drives the INDX portfolio does involve an intricate and complex algorithm. We have more moving parts than a Swiss watch! To our investors, we offer a clean, easy-to-read dashboard to keep them educated and informed, all in one place.

INDX is making it simple to invest in the masternode sector. We want to ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy by reducing uncertainty, risk, energy consumption and wasted time.
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