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What Our Investors Say About Us!

Posted on August 14, 2019

At INDX we always enjoy hearing what our investors and potential investors think about the project and what excites them about it. To get a more in-depth idea we sat down with one of our earliest investors to find out what made him invest in INDX, how he found the investment process, and, crucially, what he thinks of the team. Hold onto your hats...

How did you find out about INDX?

I read an article on Twitter about the value of passive income through cryptocurrency, and as I went down the rabbit hole I discovered INDX and the product they were building. It sounded interesting so I watched a couple of their YouTube videos and began digging around. I immediately grasped the significance of what they were building and wanted to learn more.

What drew you further into INDX and led you to ultimately invest?

Once I fully understood the importance of masternodes and staking and their roles in the blockchain ecosystem, I realised there was potential larger value to capture. Putting this knowledge together with what I was learning about INDX, like the reinvestment process and the hedging strategy, led me to realise the project represents a fantastic chance for me to create generational wealth for my children and grandchildren

What is it about the INDX system that excites you most?

I particularly like the financial model and mechanisms that essentially allows for compound interest to properly flourish. What's also exciting is the fact that this is such a young space with huge opportunity for growth.

What advantages does INDX have over other cryptocurrencies?

I view INDX as a smart and sophisticated way to properly invest with mitigated risk in a burgeoning space that will have many opportunities presenting themselves. In that case it is very different than regular cryptocurrencies.

As an investor do you feel it's important to know about masternodes/staking to invest in INDX?

Knowing about masternodes and staking would be advantageous because they are at the core of INDX's operation, but it's not essential by any means. Educating oneself will only serve to confirm the validity of INDX's innovative (even revolutionary) business model and build an appreciation of the resources and efforts that INDX are continuously exerting to ensure their longevity and success for decades to come. However, seeing as INDX takes care of everything, someone who knows nothing about them can potentially profit just as well from the project.

Did the fact that cryptocurrency is notoriously volatile impact your decision to invest in INDX?

With the methodology and financial model INDX has designed to mitigate risk, such as their ability to hedge a portion of the AUM, the volatility of cryptocurrency in general does not concern me with regard to the fund.

Have you spoken to the INDX team? If so, how have you found them?

I have had only the most professional of interactions with team members. They continue to follow through and execute every step of the company's roadmap and build-out.

How easy was it to invest in INDX?

Swarm provided a complete turnkey platform and it was incredibly easy to sign up through the investor portal. The fact that INDX is a security token means an extra layer of compliance is required, but this was easily negotiated and ensures INDX's fiduciary responsibility to token holders.

What are your aspirations for INDX, both personally and for the fund as a whole?

As a whole I would like to see INDX continue to refine their already battle-tested algorithm and slowly yet steadily harness and catalyze the INDX eco-system to provide continuous value to all holders. I would like to see the operations and management continue to function at a very high level of professionalism that maintains an ethical and moral compass that they already established as being an integral part of INDX values and professional mission statement.

INDX is an award-winning, venture capitalist-led, asset-backed and regulatory-compliant STO, fully tradable on exchanges, that gives investors liquidity with zero exit fees. Own the INDX token to receive a regular passive income. INDX leverages proprietary technology to deliver profits from Masternodes, Staking and DPoS with 50% of net yield distributed as a quarterly dividend to token holders. The remaining 50% is reinvested into the portfolio to grow the token's NAV on exchanges.
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