INDX: maybe not exciting, certainly interesting

Do masternodes herald the spring?

Posted on May 16, 2019

INDX is a Masternode index crypto fund. That doesn't make us sound very exciting. And in many ways, that's good because we don't want to be exciting. We want to achieve two things: we want to provide consistent, low-risk returns for our investors, and we want to support the fast growing masternode space.

In the interest of keeping things relatively simple, we believe that we can help our investors overcome three obstacles when investing in Masternodes: technological, analytical and financial.


Masternodes offer consistent, predictable returns, but the level of expertise required to set one up means that they are inaccessible for non-technical investors. Most people do not have the knowledge or the time to set up and run a Linux-based virtual private server, let alone know how to manage wallets, keep them up to date and protect them from hacking.

Nor should they need to. Energy investors don't need to know how to drill a well, but their financial input is what can make a project viable, and the same should be true of Masternodes.

At the same time, for the Masternode community, INDX wants to create an environment that promotes best practice, encouraging developers to share tools and fix bugs. We want to position INDX at the hub of the emerging masternode industry and expand into delegated proof of stake (DPoS), authority nodes and staking as they become more prominent.


There are currently over 250,000 Masternodes across more than 600 networks. They vary in the value of collateralized stakes required and produce differing yields.

From an investor's point of view, this means that there is a large market to research. And like any financial product, if you choose the wrong Masternode, you could see your stake devalue as support for the currency declines. Making the right decisions and ensuring that you support high-performing Masternodes will protect your investment.

The INDX Algorithm constantly scans the market to assemble an optimum portfolio. Its results are analysed by a panel of technology and traditional investment experts and rebalanced according to the overall portfolio strategy. INDX Hedge runs in parallel, using Keltner bands to determine when is the most appropriate time to hedge the portfolio to ensure that assets under management are protected.


The best way to take invest in Masternodes is through a diversified portfolio, but this can be prohibitively expensive. INDX lets investors take a part-stake in a Masternode without needing access to the significant sums of money that a full stake might require. This means that exposure is risk managed across a diversified portfolio. By holding INDX Tokens, investors can spread their support among the best performing Masternodes, with the assurance the INDX Algorithm will continually scan and rebalance.

With a relatively new technology that is evolving quickly, this means that INDX will be able to use the INDX Algorithm to spot, support and benefit from the best Masternodes.

Ultimately, Masternodes are part of the infrastructure that sits behind both the crypto and blockchain sectors. It's not glamorous or exciting, but it is lucrative and it looks set to provide steady returns as the blockchain space moves into the next phase of development.

INDX is making it simple to invest in the masternode sector. We want to ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy by reducing uncertainty, risk, energy consumption and wasted time.
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