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Posted on June 18, 2019
INDX CEO - Jonathan Decarteret

Crypto has a lot of potential, but it's also complex. To the uninitiated, the talk of cryptocurrencies, tokens, blockchains, STOs, ICOs and Masternodes can be bewildering. Couple this with the volatility of the last eighteen months, it might seem like it's easier and safer to avoid the space entirely.

But then you keep coming back to the potential; the fact that some of the world's most successful companies like Facebook, Fidelity and Microsoft are actively and publicly pursuing various crypto projects, the fact that behind the negative press (some of which is justified) there is an ever-growing list of credible people from traditional finance and tech getting involved, and the fact that crypto has all the hallmarks of an asset class that offers a great way to balance a portfolio.

The challenge in this strange new world is to find a low-risk/high-potential entry point works.

This is where INDX comes in

INDX is an index-linked crypto fund that gives retail and institutional investors access to the passive income benefits from an aspect of cryptocurrency called 'Masternodes'. Masternodes are blockchain validators for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks – in layman's terms they confirm transactions made on a blockchain. They perform a similar function to miners in Proof-of-Work (PoW) systems but are quicker, more consistent and greener.

For investors, we believe that Masternodes offer a solid opportunity to balance a portfolio and enjoy passive income from a fast-growing asset class. For the general crypto space, we believe the influx of liquidity strengthens the networks and helps reward best practice.

We have developed a proprietary algorithm that scans currently available Masternodes and selects a risk-managed portfolio, which is validated by a panel of investment and technology experts (you can read more about this in our recent press release.

The INDX platform then hosts the Masternodes, secures the wallets and collects the rewards. Simultaneously, the INDX hedge protects the portfolio against the risk of a market crash. Investors wishing to gain exposure to the fund can simply purchase an INDX token, which entitles them to receive a 50 percent net dividend in one of three cryptocurrencies each quarter. We are also working towards adding fiat payments. In addition, the value of the INDX token is expected to appreciate when traded on exchanges in line with the fund performance, since the balance of profit is constantly reinvested back into the portfolio.

In short, INDX is going to make it simple and safe for more people to invest in crypto. We started with Masternodes and have now expanded to include new yielding assets like Staking and DPoS, but we plan to keep innovating, helping investors and the sector grow in the process.

If you'd like to find out more about how we work and what our plans are, visit our website.

INDX is making it simple to invest in the masternode sector. We want to ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy by reducing uncertainty, risk, energy consumption and wasted time.
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