The CRYPTO Investment Fund

that pays out a regular passive income.

The INDX token provides a regular passive income from our Masternode, DPoS, Staking and Lending portfolio, despite market volatility.

Our proprietary algorithm scans the market and automatically re-balances the portfolio to give the highest possible revenues.

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INDX STO Now Closed

Having exceeded the revised softcap we are now beginning the process of minting and distributing tokens to investors.

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Read our Whitepaper

Our Whitepaper outlines the INDX proposition, the Masternode portfolio, the valuation and acquisition process, and all underlying token mechanisms.

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Our Whitepaper outlines the INDX proposition, the Masternode portfolio, the valuation and acquisition process, and all underlying token mechanisms.

Read Independent Report

Iconic Lab conducted an independent study of INDX and compiled this Due Diligence Report to share their findings and to express their assessment of the unique value offering of INDX.

and register your investment
prior to the main sale

"INDX is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the massive opportunity of Masternodes."

Patrick Lowry, CEO of Iconic Lab VC - Read Full DD Report


Crypto assets generate revenue when verifying network transactions.

Incoming network transactions
Transactions are verified on the blockchain
Masternodes earn a revenue reward


Our proprietary algorithm scans every crypto asset that generates a yield.

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Our proprietary algorithm scans every Masternode on the market.
It then applies filters to reduce risk and volatility.
Finally, it selects a risk-managed, diversified portfolio that maximises returns.


The INDX token removes the financial, technological and analytical barriers to accessing crypto assets that earn a passive income.

INDX use STO funds to financially stake the Masternode portfolio.
The Masternodes are hosted on enterprise level servers with leading security certification.
Our token holders receive a passive income, directly to their wallets, in addition to any increase in the INDX token value.

"INDX... Masters of the Masternodes."

Smart Options


The INDX token holders are paid a regular passive income in addition to any increase in the token value.

An outperformance portfolio
50% distributed to token holders*
50% reinvested back into the portfolio*

Fund Deployment

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Jonathan DeCarteret
Previously founder of Switch Media - UK’s 60th Fastest-growing company (Sunday Times)
Gareth Ward
20 years commercial experience in asset management, finance and tech
Rayyan Fathallah
Rayyan is a regulated fund manager with nine years experience working at investment banks including JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch.
Jason Suttie
Experienced digital marketer with broad strategic and implementation experience
Camelia Enacache
Community Manager
Camelia started mining crypto since 2016 and has been involved with several high profile projects including MNO & TE-FOOD.
Robin Schmidt
Simon Wajcenberg
Charlie Faulkner



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Token Allocation

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